More Trouble for Tamil Arjun Reddy Remake Adithya Varma?With the Bollywood remake, ‘Kabir Singh’ opening with a very positive and overwhelming response from the audiences and the critics alike, the movie has all the immunity to sail through comparisons with the original ‘Arjun Reddy’.

Thus, more trouble is brewing for Tamil ‘Arjun Reddy’ aka ‘Adithya Varma‘. Remakes do come with a lot of expectations and the comparisons with the original will literally tear down the movie. The remakes have to sail through this trauma by default.

The Tamil remake was scrapped once and the second version was a bit better but that comes nowhere near the original or the Bollywood remake that turned out to be equally good as the original and going to be a far bigger hit in terms of box-office results.

So, the pressure would be high on ‘Adithya Varma’ to deliver like the Bollywood remake has been doing since yesterday. ‘Kabir Singh’ is running towards turning a blockbuster. Though Dhruv Vikram is a newbie, he can’t avid comparisons with the Hindi remake.

The response to his debut movie, collections and everything else will be keenly observed and followed, after the movie’s release. The success of Hindi remake success will put a lot of pressure on the poor star kid who went through a lot when his debut movie was scrapped once and had to be shot entirely the second time.