After Trisha and Bipasha, it’s time for a new hook up in the life of Rana, at least according to certain media outlets. The actor who poses for pictures with his ‘friends’ in awkward ways always and shares them on social networking sites has always been the fodder to this kind of speculations. The latest on the speculation list of ‘more than friendship’ is Kannada heroine Ragini and according to a certain tabloid the actor has been making a number of trips to Bangalore just to visit her.

As expected the actor has got furious with this malicious reporting based on a picture and his visits. He clarified that his visits to the city were to meet his sister and had nothing to do with the said actress. Apart from condemning the reporting openly and calling it cheap, the actor once again reiterated that if one wishes to know about him one could always directly contact him.

Well, Rana surely has a point. But we let our cynical mind running again. We think it all starts with that random picture that comes out of nowhere from the celebrities and those pictures, whether intentional or unintentional, seems like a bait asking the writers at entertainment desk to come up with a creative best that can give the most mileage to the picture. More often than not we see hook up item sprouting from such photos followed by a backlash against it keeping both the parties happy. So what is happening here? We leave our readers to be the judge.