Mohanlal Puli Murugan Fights Trolled, Mohanlal Puli Murugan Fake Fights Trolled, Mohanlal Puli Murugan Dupe Fights, Puli Murugan Body Double Fights Stunts Whenever a movie trailer is out there are various reactions that come out with the them. Certain times there are some radical reactions which come out and the same has happened with the latest Malayalam trailer Puli Murugan.

Starring Mohanlal this trailer showcased Mohan Lal is quite an aggressive role flying high and kicking the villains mid air. This hyper active avatar was trolled heavily on the social media and several émogies were being put up showcasing the various reactions and saying how such an old star can do all this.

Things became so effective that the stunt choreographer of the film has to come out and reveal. The fact that Mohanlal indeed performed some of the stunts in the film and the rest were managed.

But whatever has been said and done the damage the trolling has caused has had a good effect. Even though some were trolling the film heavily the much-required publicity of the film has been received.

Check out the trailer;