Mohanlal Opens up on Movie with RajamouliFor some time, we are consistently hearing this rumor that Mohanlal is going to team up Rajamouli after the director’s present project ‘Baahubali, The Conclusion’. So, what is Mohanlal’s take on these rumors that had been circulating?

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The Malayalam superstar plainly says that they are mere rumors. He adds that he believes in destiny and hence, simply hoping for a movie with Rajamouli isn’t going to make it possible. For such a project to be possible, everything has to fall in place.

As he rightly said, if such a project happens, there would be immense expectations as both seem to be belonging to different genres. Mohanlal might have rubbished the rumors as of now, there is a hidden wish that he would like to work with Rajamouli if everything falls into place and if the director wishes it to happen.

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