mohanlal-opens-up-on-death-controversy-of-kalabhavan-maniDeath of near and dear ones affect people differently and grief is expresses in different ways. And yet when Mohanlal kept mum on social media about Kalabhavan Mani’s sudden death, people were immediately after him for the same.

The people on social media were probably expecting Mohanlal to share his memories of Mani and when Mohanlal did none of that and just posted a picture of Mani on his Facebook page, it disappointed his fans and media, who had apparently forgotten that different people have different ways to deal with grief and silence may not be apathy.

Mohanlal himself spoke about his silence in the wake of his friend’s death and said that speaking a few words in front of channel cameras to condole his death would be merely perfunctory. He does not know how to express himself more; no death has in the near past made him so indifferent.