Namadhu USA collections, Namadhu $11 USA Collections, Namadhu Overseas Collections, Mohanlal Namadhu USA collections, Mohanlal Namadhu $11 USA CollectionThe more one looks at numbers for Manamantha and its other versions, the more shocking it gets to the trade. As the heading states, this Mohanlal film has collected $ 11 on Friday. Would you believe it? Namadhu USA collections

There are three versions of the film Manamantha running in the US and $ 11 was for the Tamil dubbed version Namadhu. When the Telugu version itself made $ 27K, such collections for Namadhu is not so shocking we guess. The Malayalam version Vismayam has collected $ 264.

However even at $ 11, it is still not the lowest, that would be $ 6 for a Telugu film released long back.

Coming to the other release Srirastu Subamasthu, not much was expected, to begin with, and that’s how it went about its business. It made $ 14K till Friday (including Thursday premieres).

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