Mohanlal---ChakraMalayalam superstar Mohanlal has acted in an advertisement for a textile industry. There is nothing controversial about that. But, he was seen sitting near the Charkha spinning thread, the Charkha that has been the symbol of Khadi dress materials and also is a symbol of nationalism.

Henceforth, Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board Vice Chairman Shobana George has sent a legal notice to the superstar and also the Managing Director of the textile company for misleading the consumers using the symbol for materials that were not Khadi. The traditional Khadi handloom is represented by our national symbol, Charkha.

Coming to the superstar Mohanlal, recently he faced a backlash for revoking the suspension of controversial actor Dileep who was accused of kidnapping an actress into the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) and had to face the wrath of Women in Collective Cinema (WCC) and also the wrath of the general public.