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Mohanlal Disagrees with Pawan, asks ‘What’s Wrong?’

mohanlal-disagrees-with-pawan-kalyan-asks-whats-wrongSupreme Court’s ruling, making the playing of National Anthem compulsory before the start of a movie has become a topic of discussion across different film industries in India. Some agreed with the apex court’s ruling, while others didn’t.

Malayalam Superstar Mohanlal came in support of the order and asked ‘What’s wrong in standing up for the National Anthem?” National Anthem being played in cinemas must be considered a respect for cinema instead of making a controversy out of it.

He also reasoned how people obey laws when they go abroad but oppose them in their own countries. While this is Mohanlal’s opinion, Pawan Kalyan recently expressed a different one questioning Supreme Court’s decision for a simple evening to spend time with friends and family to watch a movie has been made into a ‘Testing Ground’ to prove one’s patriotism.