Chiranjeevi Mohan Babu - Maa Elections 2021In the fiercely contested MAA Election, Manchu Vishnu has won as the President. While Mega family threw its weight behind Prakash Raj, Mohanbabu and MAA previous President, Senior Naresh pulled the strings for Vishnu. Their poll management in particular won the election for Vishnu.

Ever since Vajrotsavalu controversy, the Mega Brand always took toll on the Manchus. This is the first time, they got to laugh and Mohanbabu would want to consolidate their position and occupy the Industry Pedda Dhikku position of his guru, Dasari Narayana Rao.

For that to happen, Mohanbabu should pull off a blinder regarding the ongoing tussle with Andhra Pradesh Government. If he can somehow use his relation and connections to resolve the Ticket Prices, Night Curfew, and 50% occupancy, it will be a massive victory.

Remember Chiranjeevi had already failed even to get the appointment of the Chief Minister. If he manages to solve the issue, the debate about Industry’s next Pedda Dhikku is automatically sealed. Vishnu, on many occasions during his campaign, claimed have close connections with both the CMs. So, it’s time to walk the talk.