Mohanbabu To Change Party Once Again?Collection King Mohanbabu recently vented his displeasure about YS Jagan Mohan Reddy whom he supported and campaigned in 2019 elections. Mohanbabu did not say it on face but has enough hints about regreting extending the support to Jagan. It looks like BJP is trying to get Mohanbabu in its fold.

Actor CVL Narasimha Rao who filed nomination as MAA President later withdrew is now supporting Manchu Vishnu and is opposing Prakash Raj saying that he is anti-Hindu. The other day, Narasimha Rao arranged a Pressmeet on this issue in BJP Hyderabad office.

He also clarified that BJP is supporting Vishnu’s candidature in the elections and that is the reason why he kept the Pressmeet in the party office. This assertion has led to the speculations that BJP is trying to get Mohanbabu to its fold. But the question is why Telangana BJP is making the move when AP BJP is silent.

In Open Heart With RK, Mohanbabu clearly said he is 99% done with politics and that 1% is reserved for Prime Minister Narendra Modi who calls him Bhade Bhai.