Mohana-Krishna-Indraganti-Reveals-His-Depression-StageWhen a director gets his first chance and had to walk away from the debut project, one can imagine the kind of phase he must have gone through. Mohana Krishna Indraganti revealed about his depression stage that he suffered after he lost his debut directorial under RGV’s production.

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RGV was impressed with the short film the director made and gave him the chance to direct ‘Madhyahnam Hathya’. However, after shooting for a while, RGV watched the scenes and felt that it is not happening as per his perspective.

So, Indraganti has to walk out and was left in a stage when had look inward and understand that it’s the difference of opinion between them and RGV has got nothing against him and his talent. Then, Indraganti went back to his script ‘Grahanam’ and reworked on it. The film went on to win the National Award for the Best Debut Director category.

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By the way, RGV said that he doesn’t remember that he had once roped in Indraganti and then dropped him as he had worked with many technicians and some must have been dropped, eventually.