Mohan babu sweepsAfter PM Narendra Singh Modi gave a call to the whole Nation for a cleaner India and launched ‘Swachh Bharat’, little was expected that it would become an instant craze across the country. Celebrities as well as common man are enthusiastically participating in the programme.

In Tollywood, King Nagarjuna was the first one to start and hero Ram soon caught up. Later many celebrities are actively participating in ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign. But Mohan Babu showed that he is different and his concept on clean India is different. Like the saying, ‘First clean at your home before cleaning around’, Mohan Babu did something different.

He went to Rangampeta of Chittoor district and cleaned the dirt in front of some houses and threw the dirt into their houses. This is to tell them that they have to clean their dirt and shouldn’t wait for someone to clean around their houses. And throwing the dirt from their home into surroundings isn’t cleaning their house but in a way making the surroundings untidy. What an idea Sir Ji!