Mohan Babu welcomes Kamal

While the entire film fraternity of India are lending their support to Kamal Hassan in Vishwaroopam crisis, Mohan Babu was slow to respond but he came up in a unique way. He had tweeted in support of Kamal, “Sad to see how my dear wonderful colleague versatile Kamal is being treated. He is a passionate film maker and many should learn from him.” And also he invited him to Andhra Pradesh in case if he feels to move from Tamil Nadu, he posted, “Am sure the big hearted Tamilians will never let Kamal leave them but if he chooses to move. I, on behalf of my fans and crores of Telugu people, welcome you to our state and we will be with you and support you, my brother.”

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It is known that Kamal Hassan was very frustrated with how Tamil Nadu government handled the issue of Vishwaroopam ban. He said that he will seek another secular place from Kashmir to Kerala if he does not get justice in TN. He further went to say, he will move out of the country if he did not find any secular place in India.