Mohan Babu gets irritated with 'Legend'The word ‘Legend’ came to limelight in the Telugu speaking states for the reason of Mohan Babu. Way back in 2008, he gave hour long speech at Telugu cinema platium jubilee celebrations and blasted on the organisers for not honouring him as a Legend.

He claims that he had more than enough credentials to be called as Legend. When the time goes his opinions seems to have changed. In recent interview, given for his latest movie ‘Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu’ he hesitated to be called as Legend by the anchor.

He demanded sorry from the anchor for referring him as Legend and said he don’t like that word. He further referred anchor as Legend and goes on saying that everyone in the world is celebrity. On seeing this one must say that this senior actor gets irritated with the word Legend at least for now.