Mohan Babu is man known to speak straight from his heart not caring what the person sitting opposite to him thinks. He just tells what he feels is right. In the recent show of Soundarya Lahari where he was the special guest, this nature of him created an embarrassing situation for veteran director A Kodandarami Reddy. The actor openly said that it’s because of his blessing that Kodandarami Reddy became a director but the later after become a successful director didn’t do movie with him. On the other hand B Gopal, another guest, even after getting big success worked with me on multiple films, pointed out the actor. That is the difference between the two, he said, causing a visible uneasiness among the two directors.

A Kodandarami Reddy has been a top director in the industry for a long time and his association with Chiranjeevi is historic to say the least. The director was recently invited to the show Soundarya Lahari hosted by K Raghavendra Rao, as co-guest along with director B Gopal which had Mohan Babu as the primary guest. He tried his best to give an account of his version but it was cut short by the enthusiastic actor.