Mogalthuru War: Food Vs CharityFan wars are a part and parcel of the Telugu cinema fandom. But there are times when these ugly looking quarrels cross the line and here’s one such instance.

Krishnam Raju’s memorial service was held at Mogalthuru today and it say a massive turnout of fans and commoners alike. This has been the trending topic on social media all day today.

This is when one of Prabhas‘s fans shared a video of a commoner saying Chiranjeevi’s family (also from Mogalthuru) never offered a plate of food to anyone and they didn’t even hold a service when Chiranjeevi’s father passed away, but Prabhas’s family is showing royalty by richly feeding everyone. Also, a poster that was carried by a fan at the service read “Mogalthuru saw Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan, but after 12 years, it is seeing the return of the king Prabhas.”

This has led to a heated verbal exchange on social media. In response to the video shared by a Prabhas’s fan, Chiranjeevi’s fans say “Krishnam Raju’s wife herself said Upasana and Charan ensured best possible medical care to Raju when he was at Apollo Hospitals. Prabhas’s fans are of the opinion that feeding a few people one day is greater than all the charitable work Chiru does on a regular basis.”

This isn’t the right time or the topic to quarrel about but good luck saying this to both fan groups that are going at it.