Recently we reported that Mumbai based model alleged that DIG Sunil Pilaskar has molested her in various occasions and finally took opportunity to rape her even. The issue didn’t even stop there, the rape victim pulled the hot actress Poonam Pandey’s name in to her FIR and alleged that she is very close to DIG and Poonam did all this because of professional rivalry and Sunil Pulaskar did all this to please the actress.

Now the whole issue took a new turn. Rizwan Siddiqui, the model’s former lawyer has claimed that model made a false rape allegation and she did all this for just getting in to a reality show which features controversial people as contestants. He even submitted the CCTV footage of his meeting with the model, to prove his statement. He revealed the WhatsApp messages sent by the model to the lawyer mentioned about reality TV shows and how she was trying to compete with Poonam Pandey for the slot.