Govinda slap fan mobile clip videoAn incident which has come to light shows popular actor Govinda’s darker side. It seems that the big shot actor had slapped a person and even tried to intimidate him. This person had lodged a complaint against the veteran actor and the Supreme Court responded to the complaint.

The Supreme Court advised the popular actor to apologise to the complainant, Santosh Rai entreating him to show his bigger heart. The bench headed by Justice T S Thakur even suggested the actor to resolve the matter peacefully and settle this dispute. The bench also said that he should refrain from fighting in public places.

The complaint was filed in the SC after Rai had appealed against the Bombay High Court’s quashing of his complaint due to lack of adequate evidence of criminal intimidation. The SC bench watched the clip of the incident and then suggested Govinda to apologise to Rai.