MM keeravani dedicates song to jr ntrLiterary works and pieces of art are dedicated to some special people who the artist thinks is worthy of dedication of his work. Likewise popular music director M.M.Keeravani also dedicated one of his most famous songs ‘Raalipoye Puvva Neeku Raagaalenduke’ song from the film ‘Maatrudevo Bhava’ to Jr.NTR.

When Jr.NTR said that he likes the song very much and every time he listens to the song, tears flow down his cheeks, Keeravani recorded the song in his own voice and gave the song as dedication to the actor as a gift on one of his birthdays. When Keeravani was asked to sing the song, he refused.

The music director says that he will sing the song only in the presence of NTR for whom he dedicated the song. If one wants to listen the song in Keeravani’s voice, there should be NTR there. A dedication, is a dedication says the music director who wants to keep up his word and never sing the song anywhere.