Leaders these days are known for their lavish and royal life. Candidates spend crores only to earn double their investment after becoming leaders. In the picture is a three time MLA but not falls in the above criterion. Kunja Bojji was elected thrice (1985, 1989 & 1994) from CPI(M). He formerly worked as a courier for the ‘Veera Telangana Viplava Dalam’ in the 50s and later elected as a Samithi member in the 70s before coming to politics.

He now leads a reclusive life in his village, Adavi Venkanna Gudem which is 20 kms away from reasonable medical care. Even being a former MLA, Bojji does not have a house or car. But he still lives in his little hut in Venkanna Gudem which is full of woes like safe drinking water, unreasonable power cuts extending sometimes to more than 10 hours, to the absence of doctors and non-availability of medicine, bad roads and the like.

But Bojji likes living life like a true communist with out corruption and with out lust for worldly pleasures. He even proudly say he gave up the house given by the Government in Hyderabad to stay with his people in his village.