When Pawan Kalyan announced his party, many media channels have given huge coverage. While very few of them have criticized him and his party, most channels appreciated his move and have publicized it to a great height. But now, one of the top media channels, which gave high coverage for Pawan, has changed its side and aired a program criticizing his absence in the current curical political scenario.

After his great speech at the gathering at Vizag, Pawan Kalyan has, kind of, been inactive in the political frame. People who want visit him at his party office in order to join the party are not sure where they should go to meet him. This is where this top channel has entered and is taking a dig at Pawan Kalyan by posing many questions like, Are life-threats the reason for Pawan’s absence in the current political frame? Channel also suggested if someone finds him, please report to either TDP or BJP’s office.

According to the reports of that TV channel, Pawan is busy in Mumbai busy with the remake of the movie ‘Oh My God!’ and is also working on the pre-production work of Gabbar Singh 2. The channel states that his fans are highly disappointed on him because he has left them alone right at the elections time, and is busy doing his movie work.