Missing Manchu Lakshmi joins PPT?

The Manchu multi-starrer has released this past Friday and it has got decent to good appreciation from the crowd as well. The film is slowly growing with its word of mouth and the makers are doing their best to promote the film and take it aggressively to the audience. It is in this process they seem to have realized the absence of another Manchu family actor in the film, Manchu Lakshmi, thanks to the various queries by the audience.

So now the director has reportedly decided to add another song in the film featuring Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna. Will this song be used to promotional purpose and be shown in the end title credits we don’t know yet but the director and producers seems to have decided to make her part of the film one way or the other. We have to wait and see where and how she finds place in the film or if this all is just another promotional tactic for the film.