Missed Opportunity: No Hindi US Premiers for KGF2KGF 2 is registering excellent advance bookings in almost every major circuit, and particularly so in the all-important Hindi belt. The film is on pace to register the highest openings for any Indian film post the pandemic. There are reports that KGF 2 might post Rs 40+ nett openings in the Hindi belt. Now, the discussion is about the USA premieres of KGF 2.

Usually, straight Hindi films don’t go for USA premieres. But in the case of KGF 2, the hype surrounding the film is evidently super strong. The makers could have made the most of it by orchestrating Hindi premieres in the USA.

The South Indian language versions of KGF 2 are expected to post a cumulative tally of around $700K from USA premieres. Given that KGF 2 hype in the Hindi belt is so very strong, the makers should have gone for Hindi premieres in USA.

If the film did manage to pull the Hindi audience as well, the overall tally from the premieres could have touched around about the $1 million mark, which would have been a stunning feat for any non-Telugu Indian film.

Also, had the Hindi version premiered in the USA and garnered a super positive response like the way RRR did, it would have ensured strong revenues from walk-ins which will contribute to the overall tally. The makers and USA distributors have missed the opportunity by opting not to hold Hindi premieres for the Yash starrer in the USA.