Missed Golden Chance: Pataas coming lateThe hungama around Sankranthi season is dying down. A lot had been written on how the Sankranthi season would help the market of Tollywood films and how big is going to be the buzz on the super hit talk. But it is only one ‘Gopala Gopala’, that is making maximum noise at the box-office.

And though dubbing movie ‘I’ also came this Pongal, the initial buzz on the movie isn’t as big as expected. But it is too early to write off the movie because, word of mouth can do wonders gradually sometimes. Admist all this, Kalyan Ram’s ‘Pataas’ missed a golden opportunity with the kind of buzz it garnered after the audio launch function and the release of the theatrical trailer.

Sankranthi release would have worked wonders for ‘Pataas’ because audiences missed the much needed entertainment. There had always been certain section of audiences, who solely look out for full mass entertainment, worried very little on the logic or intelligence behind the story. However, crying over split milk is unwise. Anyway as per the latest update, ‘Pataas’ is coming this 23rd January.