Satya 2 Premiere show

Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya 2 is releasing worldwide on Friday in Telugu and Hindi. Ram Gopal Varma had arranged a movie premiere for the media and industry folks at Prasads Mulitlex, Hyderabad. But it was a total mismanagement. The show is at 11 PM and the organizers have informed about the premiere of Telugu version to media only around 10 PM but still most of them made it to the venue on time.

The tickets have the name of Telugu version but when everybody went in the Hindi version is screened. Many of the Media personnel do not understand Hindi and also the casting is different in Hindi and Telugu. They were totally disappointed with this and some of them even left before the show actually began. We will have to see how the movie scores with the audience!

Latest we heard is Telugu version of Satya 2 has some censor issues and release is in doubt for Friday. But Hindi version of Satya 2 releasing as originally planned. Special premiere show was screened at Prasads.