Pawan Kalyan FlexiPowerstar Pawan Kalyan is celebrating his 50th Birthday today. Fans are celebrating the day on a big scale online and offline. Meanwhile, tensions flared up in Uddandarayunipalem, one of the capital villages.

Fans of the actor – politician erected a huge flexi ( 30 feet × 60 feet) of the actor at Seed Axis Road wishing the actor. But then, some of the miscreants have torn the flexi last night. Pawan Kalyan Fans are fuming at this and are staging a protest.

They are warning to teach the miscreants a lesson for this provoking act. They also vowed to keep a much bigger Flexi at the same time and celebrate Pawan Kalyan Birthday on a grand scale. The local police are investigating into the issue.

Meanwhile, there are updates from the next four projects of Pawan Kalyan in the day making it a memorable day for film fans. Janasena Supporters are also organizing various charity programs to mark the occasion.