Dear All,

Its been years together, we started living together. We argued, fought, hated, loved…what not we did everything. All because of cinema, whatever we did, at the end of the day transformed in to bread and butter for 100s of families in Tollywood. From the light boys, cleaners to distributors and producers. Reason for all of this is ‘Cinema’. What happened to Attarintiki Daredhi will threaten to continue to the existence of cinema if continued.

Believe it or not, We can not gauge the damage right now but it is capable of making at least 10s of people to commit suicide and 100s of families to go workless and breadless. It is high time we unite and stand up to this evil since we are different children of the same mother. Please stop downloading any leaked content or do not spread any kind of links. If you find any links, please forward the links to [email protected]

Yours Truly,

Movie buffs @ Mirchi9