Minor-Relief-For-Nikhil,-Courtesy-Arjun-SuravaramThe long-delayed Arjun Suravaram has proved to be a minor relief for young actor Nikhil. The movie has opened to decent collections than what many expected.

A November release without any festival around is usually seen as a dead season among the trade. However, it is proving to be lucky for Nikhil. Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada released in the same month and turned out to be the biggest hit in his career. And now, Arjun Suravaram proved to be a great relief coming after multiple delays.

None of the recent releases has touched 1 Cr mark on an opening day. Arjun Suravaram, on the other hand, has comfortably crossed the mark. It shows the audience have decent expectations from a Nikhil starrer. The sequence of films starting from Swamy Ra Ra has led to that belief. It is now up to Nikhil to plan correctly and get going.

It would have been perfect if Nikhil had an immediate release after Arjun Suravaram. But, looks like there will be a delay for his next. Also, he doesn’t seem to have anything lined up ahead as well. For someone in his position, shown by Arjun Suravaram, it should not be the case. He can take a leaf out of younger stars in other industries who are on a roll doing variety of subjects without long breaks. Let’s see what he has in store next.