Producer Daggubati Suresh BabuSenior Producer Suresh Babu may have just debunked all the speculations of him dropping the OTT Release plans of his Narappa, Drushyam 2, and Virataparvam. The rumors to that effect were rife after Telangana film chamber of commerce served an ultimatum of dire consequences if the Producers go for Direct-to-OTT releases ditching theaters.

Suresh Babu, in an interview, acknowledged the problems of the Exhibitors but reminded them that producers have their own problems to take care of. “Decisions like these are made independently and it must be left to the stakeholders involved. Hope things improve soon,” he said hinting that he would stick to his decision.

It is almost like him asking the chamber to mind its own business. These comments have come at a time when theaters are likely to open in a week or two. Suresh Babu himself owns a good number of theaters in AP and Telangana.

If he appears to be not trusting the situations to be conducive for the theatrical business, there will be dilemma in everyone’s mind. It has to be seen how the Telangana film chamber of commerce will respond to this.

The major complaint about this episode is that Suresh Babu is someone who makes films of shoestring budgets and with no huge remuneration. He is one producer who can afford to sit on the films due to these factors and also because of his own financial status.

“He should be having the highest responsibility towards the industry being an industry biggie. When producers who are at more risk are willing to wait, Suresh Babu opting for OTT Releases is the height of selfishness,” a source in the Telangana film chamber of commerce.