OTT-Blockbuster-Coming-to-Record-High-TRPs-Middle-Class-Melodies-TVThis Valentines Day is going to be very special as there are some recent new releases that would make the day for lovers if they want to catch p with a movie. Besides, there is OTT blockbuster ‘Middle Class Melodies‘.

This OTT blockbuster will be telecast on Zee Telugu Network on 14th February. So, it’s coming once again and those who missed watching it on Amazon Prime Video will get the chance now to watch along with their family members.

‘Middle Class Melodies’ caters to not only youth audiences but also family audiences, big time. So, it’s the right time to go for the telecast. One more thing. It has been a while since audiences got to watch new movies made on their television sets.

So, Anand Deverakona’s OTT blockbuster might record high TRPs as this would be the first new movie to be telecast on a TV channel.