Middle-Aged-Actress-Pragathi-Belly-DancePragathi, the middle-aged actress who is mostly seen playing mother and other character roles is mostly known as a family woman because of her on-screen image. However, she showed the other side of herself, in the recent past.

Watch Pragathi belly dancing though she was covering her bosom completely with her navy blue T-shirt. What do you think about her moves? For us, she has aced the moves like a pro.

She says, ‘Not a bad try’, We say, ‘It’s worth a watch.’ This angle of actress Pragathi took us by surprise when she first showcased her dancing talent in one of the previous videos.

Now, the hip movement dancing will make us crave for more videos from the actress who always had been a family woman for us, of course, in the movies.

Watch Pragathi creating magic with her belly dance with hip movements that are the trademark of the dance genre.

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Not a bad try 😈

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