Mid-Range Babu Garu OveractionHe is a mid-range hero who is struggling for a long time. This movie is almost his last hit. He looks like a soft guy but he gave a real hard time for his team during the film shoot.

One day, the actor was sitting in the location during a shot gap. There was a light before the actor and a spot boy took it over the actor’s head and then, the hell broke loose.

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The personal makeup man of the actor created a big scene for insulting ‘Babu Garu’. The ‘Babu Garu’ immediately went into the carvaan and did not come out for next couple of hours.

The Producer who was some 40 Kilometers away had to rush to the spot and please the Babu Garu along with the director. The poor spot boy was immediately terminated from the service.

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This ‘Babu Garu’ is as such no one would believe he would do such a thing when we see his face.