Ayogya---Jr-NTR-Temper-Remake---VishalNTR’s Temper remake in Tamil Ayogya by Vishal has been taking quite a long time to hit the screens with a lot of postponements and the film seemed to have finally got the release date on Friday which has also got postponed at the last minute. Even the audience has received the ticket cancellation messages from the theaters.

But the Vishal seems to get to relax at lat for the film is having a release on Friday night in some areas and the actual release all over would happen from Saturday morning according to the sources.

Everyone including Vishal was disappointed by the last minute cancellation of the shows but now the film reportedly cleared all of its financial issues and is set to release asap.

Despite the mid-night struggles and confusion, fans are eagerly waiting for the release and this news made them super happy and waiting for another day. As it is a remake, the comparison is already there were people thought Vishal couldn’t match NTR, but still did a good job in his own style. Let’s see if Ayogya has the luck to click in Tamil after all the struggle.