Bollywood actress Sana Khan who was recently accused of attempted abduction of a 15 year old and was believed to be on the run, nullified all these rumors and resumed work for her upcoming film ‘Mental’ starring Salman Khan. The actor answered some of media questions in a chat recently and held the minor girl’s family responsible for doing this publicity stunt.

When asked about her involvement in the matter she rhetorically answered “Am I mad to try and kidnap somebody?” She stated that this whole scoop was just an attempt to publicity by the family and also said that why would she try to get a 15 year old teenager married when that would lead her to life imprisonment. The Bigg Boss 6 contestant, who started with the shooting of ‘Mental’ after getting past the alleged kidnapping case, also said that she has such a brilliant opportunity to begin her career with a Salman Khan movie, why would she throw it away for something that stupid.