Meher Trying To Get Clean Chit Before Bholaa ShankarMeher Ramesh delivered a mammoth disaster with NTR’s Shakthi. After Shakthi, he delivered another disaster with Shadow which ensured that Meher did not get another project for ten years.

Meher is currently directing Megastar Chiranjeevi in Bholaa Shankar. Before the film’s release, Meher is trying to wash his hands off Shakthi’s failure.

In an interview, Meher went on to say he planned an action entertainer with NTR but it was Aswini Dutt who changed it to a socio-fantasy by adding Shakthi Peetalu angle.

“Due to Brindavanam, there was a 6-7 months gap. In that gap, Dutt garu made me meet some Pandits and introduced this devotional angle. We were concerned about going on the wrong track but we respected Dutt gari’s capability and judgment,” Meher said.

While speaking well about Dutt and NTR, Meher nicely tried to wash his hands off Shakthi.

But then, netizens are not buying this argument.

“Meher can not simply brush off the blame on Dutt or someone. If Dutt is the reason for Shakthi’s debacle, what about Shadow? It’s just that he is trying to get a clean chit before the release of Bholaa Shankar,” they say.