Mehbooba US Box Office:Shocker! Not Even 100 K for Puri JagannadhPuri’s son said that it’s not his launch film but a comeback movie for his father Puri Jagannadh as a director. But, looking at the box-office numbers of ‘Mehbooba‘ at the US ticket counters, it comes as a great shock for not only Puri but also for the trade. By the first weekend, the movie wouldn’t be able to gross even $100K.

He moved away from his usual loud and over the top movies and delivered a love story with a war backdrop and reincarnation theme to launch his son through this love story. So far, the movie has grossed $71 K and on Saturday it could collect only $12 K. This shows how Puri was not able to pull the crowd to theatres even to launch his son, properly.

Charmee, Puri Jagannadh and his son, Akash Puri are touring the United States to promote their movie. But, it looks like that didn’t make any difference at the box-office. Disappointment is the word that wouldn’t be enough to describe the present condition of ‘Mehbooba’ and Puri.