Mehbooba- A Chance To Change Course for Puri JaganIt need not be emphasised enough how talented a director Puri Jagannadh. Even now going through a bad phase, he comes up with some of the best concepts and themes for his movies. But, the problem is that it has been too long since the star director gave a fulfilling film.

In the current decade, he has been able to deliver only twice with Businessman and Temper. Doesn’t mean he hasn’t had great writing at other times but that has been limited to few parts. A full-fledged writing effort with the magical Puri Jagannadh grip has been forever missing. Instead, the eccentricity has taken over which has made families today shy away from the director’s effort.

After a long time, with Mehbooba, it looks like Puri Jagannadh might bring back the magic of the past. In the last two years many talented, but out of form directors, have made a comeback. Will it be the turn of Puri Jagannadh now?

The advance bookings for Mehbooba are weak, and that is because of the recent track record of the director. A right word of mouth would instantly change that. The problem is can the director deliver? In a few hours from now, the verdict will be out.