Megastar seeks police help for safety of female fans & kidsUnlike in Tollywood, Bollywood star actors have their fans crowded before their posh residences every Sunday to get at least a glimpse of their favourite actor. This kind of crowded scenes can be seen in front of Mannat, Shahrukh Khan’s palatial house and outside the gates of ‘Jalsa’, megastar Amitabh Bachan posh bungalow.

The crowds are so big that women and kids get crushed and hence megastar is pained by their ordeal amidst such chaotic situation. Worried about the safety of the women and kids who keep gathering in front of the gates of ‘Jalsa’, the megastar is seriously thinking of taking police assistance.

Megastar is in talks with police for working out a plan such that the unpredictable crowd doesn’t pose a problem to his female fans and kids so that their experience might not turn a bitter one while expressing their affection towards the star. This concern is what makes megastar one of the most adorable who always values the safety of his fans.