Megastar-Impressed-with-Culinary-Skills-Two-Little-LadiesWhen it comes to Chiranjeevi, there is nobody like him who can enjoy being with little kids and behaving their age. Here is a cute video of the megastar with his two granddaughters Samhita and Nivrithi. So, what was he doing in the video?

When Samhita asked for KFC chicken, Chiranjeevi suggested that they make the KFC style chicken at home as it isn’t good to order something from outside due to COVID situation. So, the two little warriors got ready to help him prepare the chicken.

You must watch the entire video to see how adorable the two kids were, doing something on their own, of course, with the help of their grandfather when they got to fry the marinated chicken in the oil. The boss was super cool while chilling out with his granddaughters in the kitchen.

Normally, parents prepare something for the sake of their children. But, involving them during the making process is real fun along with hands on experience. Sharing these conversations in the form of videos on his social media walls is big PR for the megastar and since he started his journey on social media platforms, he has been more active than the young heroes of the industry. Incredible!