Megastar fans draw parallels with Sai KumarWhen senior actor Sai Kumar comes into discussion, one would never forget mentioning his barritone iconic voice. And in Bollywood one would never forget the same kind of voice bestowed upon megastar Amitabh Bachan. His recently released ‘Shamitabh’s theme depends mainly on his barritone voice quality and the role of a dubbing artist in the success of a superstar’s film.

If that is the case, at one point of time, Amitabh himself needed a dubbing voice to match his voice culture. And then came in Sai Kumar to become the voice of megastar. Those were the days when Amitabh’s Hindi movie ‘Khudagawa’ was breaking records and it was even dubbed into Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. And audiences were astonished to hear Amitabh speaking these regional languages with ease.

Actually Sai Kumar dubbed for the regional versions of ‘Khudagawa’ and matched his voice with Amitabh’s voice and the voice almost seemed like megastar’s voice. He became the voice of Amitabh since then, but later when he turned star in Kannada, Sai Kumar had to bid goodbye to dubbing. That’show megastar’s fans are drawing parallels with Sai Kumar’s voice after ‘Shamitabh’.