AlluAravind-PosaniKrishnaMuraliThere’s a fair bit of traction between Mega and Allu fans on social media of late. Now, here’s one such latest development which has led to a complaint from mega camp on Allu camp.

After learning that Posani Krishnamurali has been casted for a role in Allu Sirish’s upcoming film, Urvashivo Rakshasivo, here’s what Mega fans are saying.

“Posani is a disgraceful man. He used the most offensive and provocative language against Pawan Kalyan and his family. Now, you’ve(Sirish) casted him in your next film. This should’ve been avoided” an ardent mega fan commented on social media.

While the fan might have a strong point to make. It needs to be noted that the Sirish starrer began filming even before the pandemic. The Posani-Pawan Kalyan issue happened much later and there’s nothing the team could’ve done at this point.

Maybe the Allu and Mega camps can ignore Posani in the future after what he has done. But for now, there isn’t much Urvashivo Rakshasivo unit can do about Posani’s role in the film.

As for the Sirish starrer, it is up for release on the 4th of November. The film is being promoted as a youthful entertainer with a contemporary look.