Ali-megastar-ChiranjeeviActor Ali was recently appointed as the Advisor of Electronic media affairs by Jagan Mohan Reddy‘s Government for joining YSRCP and campaigning for the party in 2019.

The appointment comes after Ali’s daughter’s marriage got fixed. So, he is hopping to the industry celebrities and is inviting them to the wedding.

A few days ago, he met Chiranjeevi and recently, Ram Charan. Both of them received Ali warmly and posed for pictures with him. These pics have gone viral on social media.

Since then, a section of Mega fans are cursing Chiru and Charan. They call Ali an enemy and traitor of Pawan Kalyan and demand all Mega heroes alienate them.

Firstly, Ali is not Pawan Kalyan’s enemy. They may be friends but still, Ali can have his own political views and affiliations.

Telugu Politics have seen even blood relations stay in different parties.

Some say Pawan Kalyan gave life to Ali. Ali is a busy artist even before Pawan Kalyan became a hero. So the claims of Pawan Kalyan helping him professionally are also untrue.

That said, Ali can not be an enemy of Pawan Kalyan. The Janasenani will definitely have the maturity of keeping politics and personal relationships aside.

We may even see Pawan Kalyan attending the wedding.