‘Mega’ Ugly War Goes NationalTollywood fan wars are reaching an all time high point. Every other day, we’re seeing Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, Jr NTR, Prabhas, Pawan Kalyan fans indulging in ugly looking fan wars against each other.

This time around, a highly abusive and offensive fan war between the fan groups of Mega heroes Allu Arjun and Ram Charan is making a lot of noise on social media, in a bad way obviously.

Allu Arjun’s fans argue that Bunny became a national icon with his own hard work and Charan’s fans and Mega fans argue that Bunny would’ve been nothing hadn’t it been for ‘Mega’ support. This has led to an ugly clash.

The tags #GhantaLeniVarasudu and #ThammudiGhantaPhalaam are trending big time on social media. These tags are targeted at the personal lives of Ram Charan and Allu Arjun. They have a heinous and ugly touch.

This Twitter fan war is so very ugly that even national media is covering it. A top national portal even did a story on this ugly fan war using these hashtags. This most certainly is bad press for both heroes as they fans are indulging in ugly verbal exchanges but that is the last thing their followers are bothered about.

These tags have amassed over 5 lakh tweets in under a day and this is the biggest ever negative trend in Telugu Twitter space and that gives an Indra of the gravity of the situation.