Spyder  DJ Robo 2.0 Mega Re-Shuffle Of Biggies – A LowdownThere is one big announcement after another coming that is taking multiple film industries in India by surprise and shock among fans. It all started with Aamir Khan moving his production Secret Superstar from August 4th to October 19. It was followed by Golmaal Again reaffirming their Diwali date.

While all of those adjustments were being many were wondering what happening on 2.0 camp. Surely, it couldn’t afford a clash with that kind of budget and business. As it turns out, 2.0 has moved out and gone a long way to January 25 next year. It has made many wondering if Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgn had known beforehand about 2.0 postponement?

Down South, another biggie Spyder is facing a similar situation, and it is getting difficult to find another big slot to release. The pushing of 2.0 from Diwali allows that slot in the Southern film industry, and it gives space for many biggies to move around. For example, the Ajith starrer Vivegam can be moved to Diwali from August 11. It gives Spyder space for bilingual release. As expected, DJ has made its release date official.

With 2.0 moving ahead and not even taking the Pongal/Sankranthi time, there will be lots of adjustments among the rest of biggies. Here is how the big movies are positioned to release at the current time.

DJ – June 23rd
Ninnu Kori – July 7th
Raju Gari Gadi 2 – July 21/Aug 11
Spyder – August 4/11
Vivegam – August 11/25
LIE – August 11
Boyapati Next – August 25
Pawan Kalyan’s Next – September 22
NBK-Puri – September 29
Vijay 61 – October 19
2.0 – January 25