Mega Production House Is Clueless?Fans usually expect their favorite stars to have their own production Houses. This is because they can promote, release, and produce their films on a grand scale without depending on outsiders. When Ram Charan announced Konidela Production Company, Mega Fans have felt happy similarly.

But the production house is slowly turning into a synonym of bad planning. Their next Venture, Acharya as we know has opted for a dull February release. The team had been quite for so long and finally announced an update yesterday as New Year Special.

That Is about the release of the third single ‘Saana Kashtam’ on January 3rd at 4:05 PM. Fans are fuming at this atrocious planning. Any poster or song from a film for New Year should release on December 31st or January 1st. So that it becomes viral in New Year Parties.

“It makes no sense to release on January 3rd when the Hungama is done. When you can not plan and execute your own film promotions, what is the use of having a production house?,” fans are questioning.