After Pawan Kalyan ventured into direct politics launching his own political party, the apparent rift in the mega fan base could easily be sensed by the cine folks and common audiences even. A seperate group of mega fans emerged with the tag Pawanism. The same thing happened with Nandamuri fans during the recent elections when Balayya made comments on Jr.NTR’s political stand. Some of the fans segmented themselves away from the fan base forming a group exclusively for Jr.NTR.

While the seperated groups of fans are loyal to the respective actors Pawan and NTR, the original fan base and clubs getting into cat fights with the segments. It is not the actors who are getting into fights but the fans’ groups who are involving themselves into cat fights and struggling for supremacy against the other group. Till recently, there was a common stage or reference for mega fans but today it is divided into different camps namely Pawanism and Exclusive Charan Fans. Cine pandits say that in future there might even emerge exclusive groups for each mega hero seperately.

The same seems to be applicable for Nandamuri fans even. There is a clear rift throwing light on fans taking sides as Balayya Babu’s fans and Young Tiger’s fans. In this case, Nandamuri fans went to the extent of demanding apology to Balakrishna from Junior NTR. These cat fights aren’t hinting at healthy competition in the film industry. Ofcourse competition is necessary in any industry. But should it be to the extent that there are constant conflicts between them as if they are rival groups waging war against each other?