Mega-Hero-Sai-Dharam-Tej's-Banner-Trending-on-World's-Most-Happening-AppBefore we knew it TikTok has become the trending app in India too. In fact, it is the rending promotional platform for the film industry. Everybody from Bollywood to Tollywood, one after the other are joining TikTok to reach the wide and happening audience. Well, now the mega hero got TikTok to feature his film’s banner and that made the first Telugu film to do so.

The young hero from Mega family, Sai Dharam Tej has been trying his luck in the industry for a long time now and seen only failures and hit the double hat trick in flops until his last Chitralahari. Even that was not a big hot but a decent outing.

Now the hero is coming with Prati Roju Pandage which is currently carrying a wonderful pre-release hype. The film’s banner climbed the banner of TikTok and the Allu hero, Sirish gave the credit to the PR team, Allu Entertainment crew for always touching the right notes in terms of marketing. Not just them, but Rashi Khanna who will be seen romancing Tej made a video on TikTok which went viral including the Oh Bava song from the film.

At last, everything looks like falling into place to give a good hit for the longing hero. Let’s see.