Allu ArvindAccording to a report in Deccan Chronicle, a closed-door meeting was held comprising the bigheads of the Telugu Film Industry in a private studio at the behest of the ‘Mega Head’, Allu Aravind to discuss banning three television channels.

He put forward the proposal to ban TV9, TV5 and ABN Andhra Jyothi for the way they had defamed the mega family hero. The report also claimed that those who attended the closed-door meeting outrightly rejected the proposal made by Allu Aravind saying that the issue was no way connected to the industry.

Moreover, none of the mega family heroes attended the meeting to condemn the derogatory word used by TV5 anchor calling them ‘sluts’. It’s obvious that the mega family came forward only when they had been targeted, personally. This is an important twist in Tollywood and cine-observers are keenly observing how the present equations will affect the industry in the coming days.