Mega Fans: Ram Charan Is The Only AdipurushThe makers of Prabhas’s Adipurush dropped a pre look poster of sorts earlier today. This is the first real glimpse of Prabhas in the role of Lord Ram in the film.

Coming to the topic, mega fans now have an interesting argument to make while speaking about Prabhas’s Lord Ram look. They are sharing a poster of RRR, showcasing Charan and saying Charan makes a far better Ram than Prabhas.

This has led to a heated argument on social media as mega fans say Charan is the only right suitor for Ram role and Prabhas failed to match the aura. They say Charan should be the one playing Ram in Adipurush.

In response Prabhas’s fans say “Hadn’t it been for Rajamouli’s grade A designing, Charan would’ve looked comical in Ram role. Prabhas is built like a warrior and it will be an absolute feast to see him play Lord Ram. Mega fans are too early to speak as they are judging the look by a pre-look poster. They have to wait for Adipurush’s release. It is for the people to decide who is the better of the two.”

There are striking similarities in the said two posters, starting from the postures and the stills and this is what led to the argument in the first place. Well, the teaser of Adipurush will be out on 2nd October and this will give a better idea of Prabhas’s look in the film. This verbal brawl might gain more momentum the.