Mega Fans Goes Desperate Over NTR's Oscar PredictionThe other day, Most Popular Media Outlet in the U.S., Variety has kept Young Tiger NTR in the probable list of Best Actors for Oscars 2023. NTR happens to be the only Asian actor in the list.

This has triggered an online war between Nandamuri and Mega fans.

Since Ram Charan is not on the list, it is very much expected and they are trying to belittle the achievement of NTR.

In the table of the probables, the last column is the platform or the production house or the US distributor of the film.

Sarigama Cinemas and Raftar Creations have distributed RRR in the United States. Raftar Creations holds a small share in the rights and Sarigama Cinemas got the most visibility when the movie got released.

But Variety has put Raftar Creations’ name in the last column.

During the promotions of RRR, Raftar Creations liked a video by NTR fans. So, Mega fans think Raftar Creations is such a fan club of NTR and so, they have paid Variety to put NTR on the probables list.

But in the process, they missed something very basic.

They are also pointing out some yet-to-be-released films on the list saying that it is a fabricated list. It is quite common for publications to put names of yet-to-release films on probables list based on their past experiences with the actor/the filmmaker.

Sometimes, the critics of such reputed publications will also get to see films earlier than the release and keep those names in the probables list.